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Ramesh Retnam is the President of Varsity Company International, LLC.  He has been involved with Varsity since 1987 and moved up through the ranks to become President in 2001.  Over the years, the Varsity Internship Program has involved more than 10,000 college students and mature high school students in its values-based program of book sales, with an emphasis on developing service-minded leaders.  Since 1994, the program has enabled the participating students to earn about a million dollars yearly through the internship as a result of their hard work and determination.  Mr. Retnam is also an experienced real estate investor who operates several successful commercial properties in Lafayette County, Mississippi.  His breadth of experience in business financial management gives Computational Hydro-engineering Technology the ability to effectively meet and overcome the challenges associated with a growing business.  Moreover, his network of other successful business owners and investors will provide Computational Hydro-engineering Technology with ready access to startup capital.