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Business Description and Vision

Computational Hydro-engineering Technology, Inc. serves a global market comprised of professional water resource and environmental engineers, regional planners concerned with highway and waterway planning, government agencies, geologists, scientists, hydraulicians, university professors, students and others who are charged with the responsibility of planning, designing, managing, and monitoring water infrastructures, resources, the environment, and natural disasters.  This group of highly-skilled professionals and specialized firms depends upon modern, science-based simulation software to help them make informed decisions in these areas.  The software, support, and consulting services that Computational Hydro-engineering Technology delivers are exclusively focused on meeting the needs of this demanding community.

Company Vision Statement

Computational Hydro-engineering Technology will become a successful and well-respected purveyor of high-quality software, training, web services, and professional support to the regional, national and global community of professionals and firms concerned with water resource engineering, planning, monitoring, and management.  The software will incorporate robust, science-based and validated algorithms as well as user-friendly application and visualization tools that distinguish our system’s capabilities from those offered by our competitors.


Why you need a numerical model

With the improvement of living standard and the increase in populations, the demand for quality environment and water supply is increasing, which requires better understanding, engineering and management of our limited and deteriorating water resources. Tools are therefore needed to study water flow in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coastal zones, as well as water associated processes of flooding, soil erosion, sediment transport, landscape changes, pollutants and containments transport and their effects on the quality of water, ecology, and environment. Traditional tools such as laboratory experiments and field measurements generally cannot meet this demand due to their high cost and long turnaround time. Water flows and these processes can be simulated using computational models, because these physical and chemical processes can be described by mathematical and empirical equations and solved using computer programs. A larger number of computer programs are developed and assembled to computational models specifically for solving these problems in complex conditions efficiently and cost-effectively. Because development/ verification/validation/refinement of models takes a lot of time, effort and innovation, researchers and engineering professionals often prefer applying models to developing their own.


Background of Products

The numerical models and modeling capabilities are mainly developed at the National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering, the University of Mississippi, in the past twenty years. The developments have been funded mainly by the Agriculture Research Service of USDA, and from Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directoate.  The models CCHE1D, CCHE2D, CCHE3D and their modules for a variety of capabilities have been copy-righted by the University of Mississippi. Computational Hydro-engineering Technology Inc. (CHeT) has the exclusive right to sub-lease license of these models and provide user support and user services.  In addition, Computational Hydro-engineering Technology also has the responsibility to further improve the numerical models. The key to any new enterprise’s success is its ability to assemble a team of knowledgeable professionals to carry out operations in fulfillment of the company’s vision and goals.  Computational Hydro-engineering Technology is fortunate to have a highly capable team of seasoned veterans. Most of the principle members of CHeT are original model developers. With their years’ experiences, model users will have the best service and support.

      Key Members of CHeT