Information on CCHE-GUI and CCHE-Mesh software packages

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CCHE2D is a general surface water flow model. It simulates dynamic processes of water flow and sediment transport, pollutant transport and water quality in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coasts. 

Key capabilities:

  • Non-uniform sediment transport
  • Non-equilibrium sediment transport
  • Cohesive sediment transport
  • Morphologic change
  • Bank erosion
  • Turbulence closure schemes
  • Coastal storm and wave
  • Dam break flows
  • Hydraulic structures: bridges, pumps, intakes, gates and weirs
  • Super- and trans-critical flows
  • Wet&dry capability
  • Vegetation drag effect
  • Wind effect
  • Quadrilateral, triangular and hybrid mesh systems
  • GPU accelerated models





A graphical user interface (GUI) is included with the model. The GUI helps to drive and manage simulation cases, visualize, analyze and animate the simulation results. 

CCHE2D is a stand-alone model, no third party software is necessary. It can, however, exchange information to and from ArcGIS.



A mesh generator, CCHE-Mesh is also included with CCHE2D. The mesh generator includes several techniques for generating and optimizing structured, unstructured and hybrid meshes.


CCHE2D is available for purchase in our online store.

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