Information on CCHE-GUI and CCHE-Mesh software packages

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CCHE3D is a software package for three-dimensional simulation and analysis of unsteady turbulent free surface flows in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, etc.

Key capabilities:

  • General free surface flows with irregular computational domains
  • Robust and user friendly Graphic User Interface
  • Multiple turbulence schemes for a variety research and engineering applications
  • Strong verification and validation background
  • Sub-critical and super critical flows
  • Steady and unsteady flows
  • Dynamic pressure
  • Non-uniform sediment transport
  • Non-equilibrium bed-load transport 
  • Morphologic change 
  • Local scouring 
  • Pollutant transport 
  • Water quality processes
  • Thermal and salinity stratification
  • Wall & slip boundary conditions
  • Wet&dry capability
  • Vegetation drag effect. 
  • Wind forcing.


3D Flow


A user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) is included with CCHE3D, which drives and manages simulation cases. Simulation results can be visualized, analyzed and animated.

CCHE3D is therefore a stand-alone software package; no third party software is necessary.


To insure the model’s integrity, mathematical methods, experimental data and field data were used to verify the convergence of numerical schemes and capabilities to predict physical features in free surface flows.

Click here for more information on CCHE3D's free surface flow model.

Click here for more information on CCHE3D's sediment transport model. 

CCHE3D is available for purchase in our online store.