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Pollution Transport & Water Quality Model

Pollutant transport and water quality models of CCHE2D and CCHE3D are developed on the platform of these hydrodynamic models. The movement of the contaminates and water quality constituints are simulated in addition to their chemical phase changes in water, pore water, on suspended solids and bed sediments.   

Key capabilities 

  • Freshwater eutrophication processes of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and dissolved oxygen cycles
  • Freshwater aquatic ecological and eco-toxicological processes
  • Interactions of WQ processes with suspended sediment and sediments in bed layers
  • Chemical fate and transport
  • Food chain and chemical bioaccumulation
  • Sediments contamination and transport
  • Salinity and temperature stratification
Alge Broom
Arsenic_1  Arsenic Contamination by CCA-Treated Woody Debris after Hurricane Katrina

Right after Hurricane Katrina, samples were taken from flood water, deposited sediments and soils, which indicated elevated arsenic concentrations. To test the hypothesis that arsenic pollution source was mainly from the CCA-treated woody debris, a modified CCHE water quality model was used to simulate the arsenic distributions in water and sediments.


Pollutant Transport




Chemicals spills in fresh waters could damage the environment and ecosystem at the spill location and along the way it is transported.

The figure compares the simulated and observed chemical transport in the lake using CCHE3D. The flow is strongly dominated by wind forcing. 




An impact assessment was carried out by simulating potential release of Radium-226. The radioactive chemical stored in the tailing dam is assumed flooded into downstream rivers and Kerr Reservoir.





Oilly pollutants may drift over water surface, it is necessary to study the pollutant transport using a 3D dimensional model. The figures indicated the 3D flow and pollutant transport simulated by CCHE3D and the satelliate imgery of the pollution event.