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Dr. Tingting Zhu earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Hydroscience in 2005 at The University of Mississippi‘s National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering (NCCHE).  She has an environmental engineering background.  She developed the CCHE2D water quality module, cohesive sediment transport module in freshwater, chemical fate and transport module and verified & validated these modules. She has conducted flow, eutrophication, sediment transport, and chemical fate and transport simulations, analyzed results for application cases of water quality problems in lakes and rivers.  Her research has also been used to predict long-term response, evaluate TMDL designs and assess impacts of watershed Best Management Practices. Examples of its use include a study of eutrophication in Deep Hollow Lake, MS, the Upper Hudson River PCBs, and impact assessment of contaminants on the drinking water intake on Lake Gaston, NC.