Information on CCHE-GUI and CCHE-Mesh software packages

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NEW RELEASE NOTICE: A new release of CCHE-GUI (version 4.5) has just been made available! This new version includes the new CCHE2D/3D model, CCHE-GUI 4.5, a completely redesigned version of CCHE-MESH (version 5.0), and DigitalFlow 1.0.

Computational Hydro-engineering Technology specializes in water resource software development, verification and applications. The software incorporates robust, science-based and validated algorithms as well as user-friendly application and visualization tools. CHeT provides high-quality surface water process models, training, web services, and professional support to the regional, national and global community of professionals and firms concerned with water resource engineering, planning, design, and management.


CCHE1D is a one-dimensional unsteady flow and transport model for simulations in dendritic channel networks. It is for the combined modeling of watershed and channel network processes.

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The CCHE2D model is a general surface water flow model. It simulates dynamic processes of water flows and sediment transport, pollutant transport and water quality in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coasts.

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CCHE3D is a software package for three-dimensional simulation and analysis of unsteady turbulent free surface flows in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries, etc.

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Computational Hydro-engineering Technology provides easy-to-use tools for accurate water resources applications.